I sent this letter off to Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. I don’t have a lot of hope he’ll pay attention…. but I hope YOU DO.

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

I have been active in opposing the imposition of GMO foods and other products (pesticides) that are used with them for years now. However I raise this concern because it is not being raised enough, and certainly is not being addressed by the GMO labeling initiative contained in Rankin’s bill.

Labeling of GMO products, while hotly contested in the USA over the past year, is not the answer to the problems presented by the genetic engineering of food crops: it does not change the facts evolving from current studies, which are the first and only proper studies done on genetically engineered crops and their deleterious effects on living organisms. Nor does it prevent those who do not do their due diligence regarding what they and their families are eating, from buying and consuming these products in the good faith that their government would never allow things to be approved that were dangerous.

Such people are entirely too numerous. You know them. They mostly voted for Harper, on the heels of that same ignorance.

In fact, labeling legitimizes these “foods”, and gives them an aura of acceptability, and reduces major risk factors to minor ones. But none of the concerns are minor. I’m sure Mr. Rankin has had access to much research that did not come from Monsanto and its minion corporate scientists who approve their own studies. The Seralini Study, which Monsanto moved quickly to quash and have pulled from the Journal of the American Medical Association, has been replicated and
verified, and research showing much more damage is now surfacing. Thus far we have seen much to indicate that the human consumption of these “frankenfoods” is not in our best interest. However, GMO’s were not properly safety-tested in advance, were rushed to market…. safe or not. And they are not, as the provings now emerging are showing.

Furthermore, we have witnessed the ridiculousness of farmers being sued by Monsanto because Mother Nature decided to enhance pollenation in neighboring fields, and the horrific dangers this poses to all our natural crops: one cannot stop the wind or the insects, or the elements of weather, from spreading GMO seed anywhere the wind blows, contaminating all other crops, creating superbugs and superweeds as they go.

Corporate greed is poised to destroy the food supply of the planet, with genetic modifications that threaten not only the crops we eat, but the livestock who eat feed crops, and the people who consume it all. The pesticides being used with these GMO’s have been found in the cord blood of over 80% of newborn infants in Sherbrooke, PQ… along with all their mothers. Glyphosates like Roundup (think corn, cotton, alfalfa, etc.) are neonicotinoids which kill bees, without which we lose much of our food supply. And Bacillus thuringiensis (the bacteria modified to create Bt crops) has been proven to replicate itself in the human gut, making our bodies into pesticide factories.

No, while I signed your petition because it’s better at least to label this garbage that passes for food, I am absolutely incensed that our government has been conned so completely by moneyed interests that it would protect a corporation over its citizens for the sake of profits via TRIPS rules in trade agreements… which Jack Layton was concerned about, but which continue to erode our sovereignty, voluntarily, thanks to Harper. And I do not see any of you raising that point. Not any more.

So no, Mr. Mulcair, the NDP is not making major points with this activist. You’re simply trading on an issue. Monsanto and their ilk do not care if their products are labeled as such, for all their huffing and puffing, or they would not put so much time and effort into said huffing and puffing. They know very well what will happen: their crops, now happily growing with the sanction of all these lovely governments who have demanded that they put a label on their “food”, will eventually infest our food supply to the extent that natural food will simply die off, along with it the nutrients that our bodies actually use and actually require.

All this, because our government(s) have agreed to promote the profits of patented products in agreements over which neither Parliament nor Canadians had any oversight. And before you raise a pointed finger at Harper, Mr. Mulcair, I would remind you that you yourself have been supportive of such agreements, and now have no pulpit from which to preach.

When Canadians lose the right to choose the food they eat and the companies they patronize because of money, we have as Albert Einstein predicted, reached the point where “our technology has surpassed our humanity”. Any government which would deny its employers, its electors, information that enhances their health and well-being, is certainly not “humane”, nor is it even democratic; I would double-dog dare anyone to disagree with that statement in public.

The only thing that will protect Canadians (and the world… it is not just us, as winds know no borders) from the ravages of frankenplants is a complete and total ban. Until science can make dirt out of nothing, it ought not to mess with Mother Nature…. because Mother Nature does not allow do-overs.

Who wants to step up and take the blame for that, after it’s all done for? You?

THE ONLY SAFE SOLUTION TO GMO’S IS TO BAN THEM ALL. Monsanto has a motto: “No food shall be grown that we don’t own”… at least that’s the rumor. And I would remind any and all government officials that your job is not to invite chaos down upon the people of Canada so some smug bastard can make a pot of money: your job is to protect us from all smug bastards, and not let them into the management of our “sovereign” nation. You’re a manager, Mr. Mulcair…. not an owner. And you are a temp, at that.

So okay, I’m forwarding your petition. But I am also forwarding these comments in the hope that a real dialogue will start about the advisability of having rogue GMO plants killing off our food supply so Monsanto’s stock prices will stay high. That is not, and cannot be, your job, to promote such things; TRIPS rules guarantee that you must. Where is the outrage over that, Mr. Mulcair? Where are the solutions coming out of the NDP, which now seems more like a bunch of shills than an alternative to the extremism on the Hill? And are GMO’s the real threat here, or is it the secret rules that allow their makers to hold sway over entire populations?

I want answers, Mr. Mulcair. REAL ONES. Under your own signature, please. I am not interested in hearing from a minion. And whatever you say, I will expect to hear it replicated in the House, in order that I know you are not merely placating an incensed voter, but acting on your words, with the integrity you profess to have.

Thank you.

Dee Nicholson
Independent Journalist/Activist/Health Freedom Consultant
Toronto Danforth

——-Original Message——-

From: Thomas Mulcair
Date: 04/04/2014 1:10:33 PM
Subject: GMOs – you have a right to know

I’m writing to ask for your help in making sure Canadians know if they are consuming GMOs.

NDP MP Murray Rankin is calling on Parliament to approve the mandatory labelling of food products containing genetically modified ingredients. http://murrayrankin.ndp.ca/gmo-right-to-know While 64 countries worldwide have already implemented this measure, under the Harper government Canada remains a laggard when it comes to food safety.

To help Canada catch up and to support Murray’s work, I invite you to sign our petition here: http://petition.ndp.ca/the-food-you-eat

For more information about our ongoing efforts to regulate GMOs and safeguard our food, check these links:


Please share this important information with people you know.


Tom Mulcair, M.P. (Outremont)
Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party of Canada
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~ by Dee Nicholson on April 4, 2014.

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