Welcome to a course in FREETHINK…

Most people know me as a health freedom activist, with my history of involvement in Freedom in Canadian Health Care, Canadians for Health Freedom, and the National Health Federation of Canada.

Now, it is becoming starkly clear that the health freedom issue is but one in a maze of others, all part of a tightening net of tyranny threatening to strangle us all.   It’s one tentacle on a rapacious octopus, with a lot of other tentacles looking to “Agenda 21” us to death. Going after the tentacles one by one only divides our efforts and allows us to be conquered, in spite of ourselves.

So I haven’t left the health freedom front, not at all;  rather, I’ve added areas of concern that are all impinging on our ability to live our lives as we expected to live them, to be who we truly are…

  • The Theft of our Sovereignty as a Nation
  • The War Machine
  • Maleficent Medical Practice
  • Vaccines
  • Chemtrails
  • The “Smart Grid” vs. the Smart Consumer
  • Our Water: Down the Drain
  • The Red Road: First Nations Going Pinko under Harperian Rule
  • Robotification of the Human Mind

And there are more.  It’s enough to make your head spin.

Many of us are overwhelmed already, with some literally running screaming into the night, afraid of the future as it looms darkly in front of us.

What’s the only way through it?  CLEAR, CRITICAL, LOGICAL THINKING. If you can’t think, you can’t solve.  If you can’t solve, you become a victim.  You can’t be effective at anything.

So this page is going to be my feature page, not only of things we need to think about, but also learning HOW to think.  Soon you will be able to access my self-help book, via this blog… and also access life coaching, spiritual counseling, and body-mind therapy (yes, I’m certified as a Meta-physician and Energy Therapist, among other things) to help you steer your own path through the “interesting” times now being exposed around the world.

Over the next brief while, you will see this page expand with articles, news items, and commentary from myself and others.  I hope you enjoy your visit here, and take something away that will serve you and those you love.

(Dee’s Rule: You are welcome to make comments, but please no ad hominem attacks; if what you have to say is worthwhile, it’s worth stating honestly, politely and objectively!)


~ by Dee Nicholson on March 4, 2013.

9 Responses to “Welcome to a course in FREETHINK…”

  1. No upgrade to ad-free? How much in donations do we your appreciative audience have to garner to obliterate ads from your blogging site?? Either that, or let’s have the SnorgTee girls appear, like at http://www.zerohedge.com!! As some of that clothing declares, in total opposition to your mission, MEH! Seek out the roots of that set of letters and you’re well on your way to understanding much of the many issue areas this site will take on. IMHO.

  2. It looks like a wonderful project you have started. As leader of the CACL I would welcome you and like minded followers to take CACL very seriously as an overall solution to the problems you alert us to. Canadian Anti Corruption League realizes that corruption is the leading cause of all our bad laws, regulations and practices. When a human cannot legally access raw food, natural remedies and object to mass medication then there has to be change from the top down starting from the bottom up. http://www.canadiananticorruptionleague.org goes into detail on some of our programs and as always comments are appreciated. Please get in touch and work towards a common goal. Freedom for all Canadians after that with the world watching corruption beware. Anti corruption is a movement that will change the world for the good of all mankind. Royce Hamer Leader CACL

  3. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and insights. Thanks for sharing!

  4. “The “Smart Grid” vs. the Smart Consumer”

    Since the smart grid is not about assured energy or consumers,
    – since wireless blanketing is accessible by any young geek (as well as by the utilities themselves, acting in collusion),
    – since the smart grid can easily be used to hack society into overnight chaos, disease and oblivion,
    – since every time frequencies intersect they breed new frequencies,
    – since the attenuation co-efficient of this level of mass radiation is literally immeasurable,
    – since smart uses weaponized microwaves at particularly penetrative levels which can and do create immediate microwave sickness, as documented by the very military that invented it,
    – since the smart grid is able to cause almost overnight dementia, cognitive impairment, neuro degeneration, as well as any and all nerve and muscle related syndromes and diseases,
    – since the smart grid is the perfect covert bioweapon, able to exacerbate any and all diseases, globally,
    – since the grid is the coup de grace of eugenics,
    – since the smart grid exacerbates all poisons, all diseases and all illnesses by shredding DNA irreversibly, by destroying minds while hyper acidifying the body into rapid sharp decline, regardless of what ails it, curable, incurable, cancer, whatever
    – since the ubiquitous microwaving of every square inch of the planet is easily the single largest, most rapidly spreading disease generating blanket extending coverage as a destabilizer of all ecology and within it all biological “health” of every biological entity on the entire planet, ……
    instead simply of a side reference to the grid, would you consider directly addressing it, in a solution oriented way?
    When all is said and done, a seamless microwave blanket smothering the life of all biology is assuredly the largest looming threat ever.
    Please could you consider documenting it as the most powerful health destroying, top speed death inducing blanket it is? And maybe share with people what you recommend steps that can be taken to stop the smart grid before it is too late?

    • I fully endorse everything you’ve said here, Xyila, and in response, post here an excerpt of an email I received only this evening, from ex-miltary microwave weapons specialist Jerry Flynn, which explains, very simply, what these systems consist of, and why they are so very dangerous to ALL LIFE. Jerry is a lead voice in the campaign against BC Hydro’s smart meter assault on British Columbia. Fortis, mentioned below, supplies the Smart Meters under longterm contract to BC Hydro. Jerry is challenging ANYBODY from Fortis to a DEBATE…. and I for one would LOVE to see Jerry rip them a new one in public!! Here’s the excerpt:

      Subject: RE: Osoyoos Times – Formal challenge to Fortis BC to debate the dangers of wireless technology and smart meters in meshed-grid networks.

      Hello Keith,
      I have no problem with anything you’ve done or said to date, that I know of, as far as this wireless smart meter debacle is concerned. On the contrary, I’m thankful that you’ve been as democratic as you have in allowing people to express their legitimate concerns and fears about this insidiously dangerous technology. Because of my military Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence background, which I’m constantly augmenting with global research on this whole subject, I know full well the public is not being well-served by Health Canada, Industry Canada, our BC Government, Perry Kendall (our Chief Medical Health Officer), by either BC electric utility or by the wireless and telecom industries, all of whom are bent and determined that you and I and every other person living in Canada will have a smart meter attached to our home. Informed people know that electric utilities everywhere are colluding to keep the public ignorant of what really is in store for them. They are doing their level best to ensure you and I don’t know that:
      Inside every smart meter are two (2) radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits: one called the LAN (operating on 900 MHz and radiating for a distance of 3 Km; the other, the “ZigBee” operates on 2.4 GHz – the same frequency on which a microwave oven operates!
      The ZigBee’s sole purpose is to control the 15-or-so ‘smart’ appliances electric utilities everywhere envisage all homes having (constituting what they refer to as a HAN (Home Area Network).
      Every ‘Smart’ appliance has its own radio transmitter, receiver and antenna circuit and will operate on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
      They, the electric utilities, envisage networked communities ranging in size from 500 to 5,000 homes.
      In even the smallest meshed-grid network community of 500 homes, electric utilities’ envision there being:
      500 LAN transmitters – all pulsing virtually non-stop 24/7/365 and radiating for 3 Km (i.e., every home will radiate every home and, in turn, be radiated by every neighbor’s LAN transmitter)!
      500 Zigbee transmitters (inside the Smart Meters) each radiating for typically 250 feet, radius and emitting microwave pulses periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 – on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz!
      7,500 ZigBee-compatible transmitter, receiver and antenna circuits (500 times 15) – all emitting pulsed microwave radiation periodically throughout the day 24/7/365 – on the microwave oven frequency of 2.4 GHz.!
      Every meshed-grid network must have a Collector Meter, whose job it is to relay all traffic – in both directions – originated by the utility or any of the, in this case, 500 homes intended for the other. Collector’s have three (3) pulsing microwave transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits: LAN, ZigBee and WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network) the latter of which is a dual-band duplex radio circuit the frequencies of which are unique to the Collector and the utility and facilitate the exchange of communications to/from the utility and the home LANs.
      From the above, one can readily understand why electric utilities DO NOT WANT US TO KNOW what’s in store for us, once they have their smart meters on our homes – by which time it will be too late! Contrast for a moment the zero radiation our trusty old analogue meters currently emit to that which we’ll suddenly all be exposed to from the 17 transmitters electric utilities expect each of our homes will have, the aggregate of which, in even a community of just 500 homes, will be a staggering 8,503 pulsing microwave radio transmitter, receiver and antennae circuits pulsing away day and night, 24/7/365 in perpetuity! It is no wonder they don’t want us to know! And this “new” EMR is on top of what non-industry scientists already know is the dangerously high ambient level of EMR already in our communities from the plethora of other wireless devices we already have.
      And one needs to remember that, unlike most of the other EMR-emitting wireless devices, one CANNOT shut off a smart meter or any of its transmitters!
      But there’s more. In addition to the enormous, if not incalculable, amount of EMR that will result from the above, for a microwave radio-based system to function in a meshed-grid network (microwave emissions being line-of-sight), it will require anywhere from dozens to conceivably a hundred or more relays from house LAN, to house LAN, to house LAN, to house LAN … and so on – on each and every transmission, in either direction – before even a single transmission can reach its destination! One can’t even estimate how much “secondary” or additional EMR will bathe every unsuspecting home involved in what the utilities consider will be normal relays.
      And still more. I seriously doubt either BC utility understands – or cares – about all the “dirty” electricity that will come with meshed-grid networks. All one has to do is Google: “Dirty Electricity” to understand what I’m referring to. And this is a far more serious problem than most people realize.
      Nor do electric utilities make any mention of what are called Reflection “hot spots” which can and do occur in various rooms of every home caused by the EMR reflecting off surfaces such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, tiled floors, etc. This too scientists say is another significant concern for the public for it creates areas within a home which are even more dangerous than the others.
      So, Keith, perhaps now you’ll understand why I cannot allow any person, let alone an employee of an electric utility, to name me publicly and say that I am misleading people and don’t know what I’m talking about. It is for that very reason that I’m reiterating here my public challenge – which I’m hoping you will see fit to publish in your paper, in response to their public criticism of me – to any senior executive in Fortis BC to debate with me publicly – provided the public and the media are in attendance – “The dangers of wireless technology and, in particular, wireless smart meters used in meshed-grid networks.” What utilities are doing today, with their meshed-grid networks, in my opinion, amounts to nothing more than criminal experimentation with the ignorant, unsuspecting and helpless public being the sorry victims. History will judge harshly all the current players who are pushing this evil, heinous, despicable, unprecedented money-driven experiment.
      Yours truly,
      Jerry Flynn

  5. Yes, thanks, Jerry is well known, dedicated and very clear and consistent in his willingness to challenge authority to debate him. I was hoping for where you stand on how to best to defeat this electroplague, strategically. What has worked to date? What would YOU suggest as a successful for directly sabotaging the smart grid threat?
    Could you share with people what works, what you have done, what you recommend? Since you fully concur with what the so called smart grid actually is, and is capable of doing to enslave and destroy, then, knowing what you know, what is the plan? How, for instance, did you go about successfully refusing a smart meter? How did you help others to do so with similar success? What process do you think would be effective? Is there really any risk in doing what it takes to refuse them, since energy wise they certainly act as if they hold all the cards?
    Most dread their own addiction to electricity more then they dread the utility’s hold over them. How can they address both?
    “On grid “society has leaders who have decided that the pretext of “modernity” is worth throwing precaution to the winds. betrayal by elected reps is absolute, nearly all voting to support civilization being only one major international hack attack away from coming face to face with its own electricity addiction. So if these are the real stakes, then what does it matter if people refuse a meter and risk an earlier power shut off? Especially when the only real choices are power shut off now, or power shut off later, by corporate remote control or by hacking, or by both, since they coulud be one and the same?
    If you don’t think people should accept metering regardless, how do they handle this ultimate ultimatum by ruthless energy dealers? Why wait until Enron style rolling black outs become the norm?
    Would it not be better to try to plan it out in advance, o find the way to reduce and eliminate energy habits now? To spend that disposable income on a DIY solar panel or three? Why not become urban preppers before the crunch? Is there an argument against being prepared and ready for power shut offs, for prolonged outages. Who would rather than be at the mercy of both a smart meter and then, because of it, then at the mercy of a massive cyberattack which could leave people everywhere with no autonomy, bereft, freezing or sweltering, starving, desperate, dangerous, all after being at the mercy anyway from one kind or another kind of power shut off?

    • Quite frankly, Xyila, this whole scenario is up in the air with an unofficial moratorium… situation on
      hold due to the BC election process. As I understand it, there has been an intensive ongoing campaign, town to town, in the interim and a fair bit of progress has been achieved in terms of public

      You need to be aware that I do not live in BC, I live in Toronto. I am only able to help these groups, as and if I can, from a distance. Secondly, I was never given any opportunity to stop a smart meter installation, but there is one on my rented premises. The meters were switched without the barest of information in Ontario. There is an active group fighting this issue in this province, but I am not part of it, nor do I work with it.

      The tone of your comment leads one to think that you expect me to lead a battle against Smart Meters, but I am not in any position, nor do I desire, to focus my attention on yet another issue. A lot of the power of the “elite comes from keeping us so busy chasing multiple tails that we never get anything done. Divide and conquer. It’s an old trick, but it works.

      My own main focus is on increasing awareness regarding how it is that our government so completely ignores the will of the people, goes against all that’s holy, and by stealth, has literally sacrificed our ability to make our own laws on the altar of global commerce… which is in fact the lynchpin of the whole world government thing: you cannot have a homogenized world government and national sovereignties at the same time…. not possible.

      The smart meter issue is, I believe, part of a much grander scheme to ensure complete physical control over a population that is so dumbed-down it barely knows how to boil water. Control over our power consumption and how it is used, control over our every move, and a complete lack of privacy.

      Essentially, the Agenda 21 plan is to reduce the people to an ant colony of service to the “collective”…
      the hive, for functional purposes only. And of course the so-called Smart Grid is the perfect surveillance protocol: most people think it’s just metering. They won’t even notice when the data-collecting begins in earnest .. until the controls kick in.

      What can be done? Well, I personally have not done anything much, as I said except help from a distance. I’m not in a position to do more than share information and help broadcast it, so I do. But I don’t believe there is much that will work on any level until a great many people stand up. One thing that might be relied on, legally, is the denial of informed consent. People have been deliberately misled, misinformed, and directly lied to, in order to get them to accept the meters without question. And also, the Precautionary Principle is not being applied, and Safety Code 6 ( a code is a standard that cannot be broken, not a law, but completely enforceable ). But whatever legal excuse people might use, I’m convinced that BCHydro would just use its deep pockets to obfuscate and delay things until people are just plumb wore out, so to speak.

      I absolutely do not recommend the “common law” approach being advocated by some individuals, for the simple reason that law enforcement, having been harmonized with US law enforcement, regard those who use such methods as potential domestic terrorists”. Yes, it’s stupid. But it is the case, and it has been verified by the RCMP that this is so.

      The groups active across the province are doing a terrific job of raising awareness, and their momentum is building slowly. But it is the same with all things these days: the people need to rise up to say no, to recognize their own power lies in the simple standing up of the masses.

      Percy Bysshe Shelley said it best:

      That is the solution to all the problems we have. When we let others speak for us and pay no attention to what they say, when we let them teach our children and don’t ask what is being taught, when we let them decide what food we eat and what medicines we take, who is most at fault? Those who take advantage of an offered opportunity, or those who create it?

      The smart meter problem, like all others, will be solved only when the masses stop creating the open door for these schemes to march through unimpeded like a conquering army.

      As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t fix what you won’t acknowledge.”


  6. Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply
    I would have to disagree, however, on several points.
    We have far more rights ands powers than most are aware of or use. One cannot be deemed a terrorist for using what lawyers use every day in court.

    a) The laws between the US and Canada overlap have by no means been “harmonized” and the two systems are distinctly different. There is overlap as they pertain to shared border and coastal areas, but the court systems are vastly different.

    b) There is no larger issue than the smart grid precisely becasue it itself is the means for carrying out the biggest assault to any and all liberty which we have ever faced.
    I am sure we agree that there is an existential and crucial cause to use one’s rights to refuse consent – not just informed consent but refusal of consent by reclaiming one’s rights.
    Why? The smart grid IS the ultimate tool to achieve loss of all rights of refusal of everything else. It IS intended to become THE weaponized instrument to implement global governance by means of technocratic home invasion, physical assault, unwarranted surveillance, violation of human rights, experimentation, torture, amalgamation of privately held property. Statue laws, all illicit in nature, all pointing to premeditated intent, have been created everywhere, prior to grid deployment, indicating the largest corruption of statute law ever witnessed. What stands between this fraud and the default of coming under public control, what is there for us to freely use to prevent the commodification of human beings, to refuse a grid implemented in accordance with the tenets of Agenda 21, IS common law. The smart grid is not one more issue of many, It is the lynchpin instrument hoped to be used for societal demolition. It is the global turnkey for the loss of every other choice we have. The reason qwe are on the verge of a global revolution is because smart grid is meant to become THE tool to be used as THE means to achieve global dissolution of private property rights and an end to sovereign nation states. It is a short trip from there to the dark ages, figuratively and literally.

    c) Common law is not a separate system of compartmentalized law. It is not the antithesis of statute law but an inseparable part of it. All lawyers are trained in and practice common law. Common law comprises the underpinnings of and is by necessity integral to all legal systems derived from original English law, in Canada and in the US and it must be recognized as such in both Canada and the US, albeit differently exercised in a republic than in a Crown system of law in our nation. The rights granted by whomever one deems to be one’s creator are the only laws which in fact are sacrosanct and inviolable and every utility and government hopes you will never realize that this is the case.
    Those living in common law cohabitation are not outlaws. Those who use common law in every day ways are not acting outside the law of the land by so doing. Corporations as well as ordinary mean and women routinely use common law to go after on another and are never deemed to be terrorists nor part of any cult.

    Case precedent law is repeatedly cited in support of common law decisions.

    The Natural & Common Law Right of Self Defense

    “The United States Supreme Court, and every other court in the past deciding upon the matter, has recognized that “at common Law”, a person had the right to “resist the illegal attempt to arrest him.”
    John Bad Elk v. United States, 177 U.S. 529, 534-35 (1899)

    “It is the law of self defense and self preservation that is applicable. “One has an “unalienable” right to protect his life,
    liberty or property from unlawful attack or harm.” “* * * it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer,
    even though he may have submitted to such custody without resistance.”
    Adarns v. State, 121 Ga 163, 48 S.E. 910 (1904)

    “Common as the event may be, it is a serious thing to arrest a citizen, and it is a more serious thing to search his person; and he who accomplishes it, must do so in conformity to the law of the land. There are two reasons for this; one to avoid bloodshed, and the other to preserve the liberty of the citizen. Obedience to the
    law is the bond of society, and the officers set to enforce the law are not exempt from its mandates.”
    Town of Blacksburg v. Bean
    104 S.C. 146. 88 S.E. 441 (1916): Allen v. State, 197 N.W. 808, 810-11
    (Wis 1924)

    A sheriff who “acts without process,” or
    “under a process void on its face, in doing such act, he is not to be considered an officer but a personal trespasser.”
    Roberts v. Dean,
    187 So. 571, 575 (Fla. 1939)

    “What of the resistance to the arrest? The authorities are in agreement that since the right of personal property is one of the
    fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution, any unlawful interference with it may be resisted and every person has a right to resist an unlawful arrest. * * * and, in preventing such illegal
    restraint of his liberty, he may use such force as may be necessary.”
    City of Columbus v. Holmes, 152 N.W. 2d, 301, 306 (Ohio App. 1058)

    “What rights then has a citizen in resisting an unlawful arrest? An arrest without warrant is a trespass, an unlawful assault upon the person, and how far one thus unlawfully assaulted may go in resistance is to be determined as in other cases of assault. Life and liberty are regarded as standing substantially on one foundation; life being useless without liberty, and the authorities are uninformed that where one is about to be unlawfully deprived of his liberty he may resist the aggressions of the officer, to the extent of taking the life of
    the assailant, if that be necessity to preserve his own life, or prevent infliction upon him of some great bodily harm.”
    State v. Gum,
    68 W. Va. 105, 69 S.E. 463, 464 (1910)

    “Story affirmed the right of self-defense by persons held illegally. In his own writings, he had admitted that ‘a situation could arise in which the checks-and-balances principle ceased to work and the various
    branches of government concurred in a gross usurpation.’ There would be no usual remedy by changing the law or passing an amendment to the Constitution, should the oppressed party be a minority. Story concluded,
    ‘If there be any remedy at all … it is a remedy never provided for by
    human institutions.’ That was the ‘ultimate right of all human beings in extreme cases to resist oppression, and to apply force against ruinous injustice.’” (From Mutiny on the Amistad by Howard Jones, Oxford University Press, 1987, an account of the reading of the decision in the case by Justice Joseph Story of the Supreme Court.

    • I’m not going to get into a debate over those rights and freedoms of a flesh and blood human being, nor over the differences (which are shrinking) between US and Canadian law. I gave you my opinion, which is that it will take our numbers rising up to stop this mess. That’s it, that’s all. Like Roy Rogers said, no man on earth can stop a stampede.

      I did not, and do not, and will not, recommend the use of the FOTL techniques, period. For over a decade I’ve watched those people who do use it earn huge fines and jail time. There are not many successes anywhere of any note. Now the enforcers call such people terrorists. What good does any of that do, without the people’s mass support? The court system is corrupt, and you cannot get justice out of corruption any sooner than blood out of a stone.

      As for the smart grid being the biggest issue we have to fight, I disagree (but I do not disagree with what you are saying its purpose is, nor how serious it is in the overall sense). As long as our nations are being ruled from offshore, though, we cannot get close enough to land a punch on any issue at all. In order to kill a snake, one must cut off the head. To have the ability to do that, we must have our sovereignty back. One must be in the driver’s seat to steer the car.

      There’s the rub. If you think what you’ve got would work better, you go right ahead and try. Happy to support what works.


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