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I sent this letter off to Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. I don’t have a lot of hope he’ll pay attention…. but I hope YOU DO.

Dear Mr. Mulcair,

I have been active in opposing the imposition of GMO foods and other products (pesticides) that are used with them for years now. However I raise this concern because it is not being raised enough, and certainly is not being addressed by the GMO labeling initiative contained in Rankin’s bill.

Labeling of GMO products, while hotly contested in the USA over the past year, is not the answer to the problems presented by the genetic engineering of food crops: it does not change the facts evolving from current studies, which are the first and only proper studies done on genetically engineered crops and their deleterious effects on living organisms. Nor does it prevent those who do not do their due diligence regarding what they and their families are eating, from buying and consuming these products in the good faith that their government would never allow things to be approved that were dangerous.

Such people are entirely too numerous. You know them. They mostly voted for Harper, on the heels of that same ignorance.

In fact, labeling legitimizes these “foods”, and gives them an aura of acceptability, and reduces major risk factors to minor ones. But none of the concerns are minor. I’m sure Mr. Rankin has had access to much research that did not come from Monsanto and its minion corporate scientists who approve their own studies. The Seralini Study, which Monsanto moved quickly to quash and have pulled from the Journal of the American Medical Association, has been replicated and
verified, and research showing much more damage is now surfacing. Thus far we have seen much to indicate that the human consumption of these “frankenfoods” is not in our best interest. However, GMO’s were not properly safety-tested in advance, were rushed to market…. safe or not. And they are not, as the provings now emerging are showing.

Furthermore, we have witnessed the ridiculousness of farmers being sued by Monsanto because Mother Nature decided to enhance pollenation in neighboring fields, and the horrific dangers this poses to all our natural crops: one cannot stop the wind or the insects, or the elements of weather, from spreading GMO seed anywhere the wind blows, contaminating all other crops, creating superbugs and superweeds as they go.

Corporate greed is poised to destroy the food supply of the planet, with genetic modifications that threaten not only the crops we eat, but the livestock who eat feed crops, and the people who consume it all. The pesticides being used with these GMO’s have been found in the cord blood of over 80% of newborn infants in Sherbrooke, PQ… along with all their mothers. Glyphosates like Roundup (think corn, cotton, alfalfa, etc.) are neonicotinoids which kill bees, without which we lose much of our food supply. And Bacillus thuringiensis (the bacteria modified to create Bt crops) has been proven to replicate itself in the human gut, making our bodies into pesticide factories.

No, while I signed your petition because it’s better at least to label this garbage that passes for food, I am absolutely incensed that our government has been conned so completely by moneyed interests that it would protect a corporation over its citizens for the sake of profits via TRIPS rules in trade agreements… which Jack Layton was concerned about, but which continue to erode our sovereignty, voluntarily, thanks to Harper. And I do not see any of you raising that point. Not any more.

So no, Mr. Mulcair, the NDP is not making major points with this activist. You’re simply trading on an issue. Monsanto and their ilk do not care if their products are labeled as such, for all their huffing and puffing, or they would not put so much time and effort into said huffing and puffing. They know very well what will happen: their crops, now happily growing with the sanction of all these lovely governments who have demanded that they put a label on their “food”, will eventually infest our food supply to the extent that natural food will simply die off, along with it the nutrients that our bodies actually use and actually require.

All this, because our government(s) have agreed to promote the profits of patented products in agreements over which neither Parliament nor Canadians had any oversight. And before you raise a pointed finger at Harper, Mr. Mulcair, I would remind you that you yourself have been supportive of such agreements, and now have no pulpit from which to preach.

When Canadians lose the right to choose the food they eat and the companies they patronize because of money, we have as Albert Einstein predicted, reached the point where “our technology has surpassed our humanity”. Any government which would deny its employers, its electors, information that enhances their health and well-being, is certainly not “humane”, nor is it even democratic; I would double-dog dare anyone to disagree with that statement in public.

The only thing that will protect Canadians (and the world… it is not just us, as winds know no borders) from the ravages of frankenplants is a complete and total ban. Until science can make dirt out of nothing, it ought not to mess with Mother Nature…. because Mother Nature does not allow do-overs.

Who wants to step up and take the blame for that, after it’s all done for? You?

THE ONLY SAFE SOLUTION TO GMO’S IS TO BAN THEM ALL. Monsanto has a motto: “No food shall be grown that we don’t own”… at least that’s the rumor. And I would remind any and all government officials that your job is not to invite chaos down upon the people of Canada so some smug bastard can make a pot of money: your job is to protect us from all smug bastards, and not let them into the management of our “sovereign” nation. You’re a manager, Mr. Mulcair…. not an owner. And you are a temp, at that.

So okay, I’m forwarding your petition. But I am also forwarding these comments in the hope that a real dialogue will start about the advisability of having rogue GMO plants killing off our food supply so Monsanto’s stock prices will stay high. That is not, and cannot be, your job, to promote such things; TRIPS rules guarantee that you must. Where is the outrage over that, Mr. Mulcair? Where are the solutions coming out of the NDP, which now seems more like a bunch of shills than an alternative to the extremism on the Hill? And are GMO’s the real threat here, or is it the secret rules that allow their makers to hold sway over entire populations?

I want answers, Mr. Mulcair. REAL ONES. Under your own signature, please. I am not interested in hearing from a minion. And whatever you say, I will expect to hear it replicated in the House, in order that I know you are not merely placating an incensed voter, but acting on your words, with the integrity you profess to have.

Thank you.

Dee Nicholson
Independent Journalist/Activist/Health Freedom Consultant
Toronto Danforth

——-Original Message——-

From: Thomas Mulcair
Date: 04/04/2014 1:10:33 PM
Subject: GMOs – you have a right to know

I’m writing to ask for your help in making sure Canadians know if they are consuming GMOs.

NDP MP Murray Rankin is calling on Parliament to approve the mandatory labelling of food products containing genetically modified ingredients. http://murrayrankin.ndp.ca/gmo-right-to-know While 64 countries worldwide have already implemented this measure, under the Harper government Canada remains a laggard when it comes to food safety.

To help Canada catch up and to support Murray’s work, I invite you to sign our petition here: http://petition.ndp.ca/the-food-you-eat

For more information about our ongoing efforts to regulate GMOs and safeguard our food, check these links:


Please share this important information with people you know.


Tom Mulcair, M.P. (Outremont)
Leader of the Official Opposition
New Democratic Party of Canada
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The TPP: There goes the ballgame…. don’t mind if I say I told you so.

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Just when I was getting discouraged that people were not catching onto the sovereignty theft/giveaway that is killing our country (and all others), along comes this article from Information Clearing House, pointing out just the sort of thing people need to know. If you refer to the post just before this one, you will see that this is exactly what I’ve been preaching about for over a decade now, and it is in fact the lynchpin of the entire plot for a global governance system.  Without getting rid of national sovereignties, the plan cannot work. Period.

I might also remind that I’ve been saying that this TPP was the real problem child… or at least one of the two, this one and CETA… and that the big hoohah about the FIPA with China served very well to distract public attention from the hoops Harper jumped through to get us in there as a negotiating party… a stinking red herring. 

And so it was.

Now comes the TPP.  How do you like it so far?  Because it’s not JUST the TPP… it is ALL the trade agreements. Look them up.  It’s staggering how hogtied we are.


Even Elizabeth May has not answered my multiple queries as to when she was going to step up and speak to the issue on the floor of the house… Jack Layton tried and failed, then died, replaced by globalist Thomas Mulcair… and the Liberals?  Well, they’re technically leaderless right now (unless you count Bob Rae) but we recall what Paul Martin did, don’t we?

So. Here we go down that slippery slope.  Buckle up.  Better yet, SPEAK UP.


Corporate Evil Creeps Up Unobserved
TransPacific Partnership Will Undermine Democracy


By Prof. Rodney Shakespeare

April 05, 2013 “Information Clearing House” – 

Evil creeps up unobserved.  
Its plans are conceived in secret; the first furtive moves are made, and then it is ready to attack.  
Unless we turn to spot it approaching, we can be quickly overwhelmed.

The latest approach of evil might not seem much – apparently, just some boring trade agreement.  But, in reality, it is Evil Incarnate.

It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership and if you thought the World Trade Organization (which forced the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act) and the North American Free Trade Agreement are bad, then the TPP is awful!  The TPP has gone through sixteen rounds of super-surreptitious negotiations.  Six hundred lobbyists from the big international corporations have been ‘advising’ and anybody with a brain knows what that means.

The TPP is intended to (finally) undermine democracy by handing power to the global financial elite and the big corporations.  The key mechanism will be the transfer of power from sovereign nations to so-called ‘trade tribunals’ whose purpose is to make national laws subservient to corporate interests.  These trade tribunals will do what they like: no government or electorate will be able to influence them.

As a result of the TPP, big finance will be completely deregulated (heaven help us!);
jobs will be destroyed;
wages will be slashed;
and health care will be only for the rich.
There will be no cheap medicines for the poor of the world.
In a recent letter, Doctors Without Borders wrote that the TPP will be “the most harmful trade deal ever for access to medicines in developing countries.”

If TPP gets through, environmental issues will be ignored and there will be genetically manipulated Frankenstein organisms.  USA dairy farmers are saying that their industry will be devastated.

Moreover, the internet will be censored; and individuals (plus their towns, cities and governments) will be controlled by being put into ever-lasting debt.

On top of that, cunning as ever, the TPP specifically bans any attempt to reform the main cause of our present troubles which is the corrupt banking system.  It does this by outlawing public banks and the issuance of interest-free loans for things like public capital projects (such as bridges, roads, hospitals, airports, water and sewage works constructed at one third of the usual cost).

Intent on maintaining the vicious grip of usury, the TPP enshrines the existing model of international finance which has led to the Cyprus crisis, the Italian crisis, the Spanish crisis, the Greek crisis, the Portuguese crisis etc.  One aspect of this is the inability of governments to control capital flows until the point when the bankers collapse the economy and there is the Cyprus situation in which money movements are frozen, customers’ money is confiscated, and an economic and social catastrophe is inevitable.

The TPP is determined to do this everywhere it can so that it can buy up assets on the cheap and turn whole populations into impoverished debt-peons who will do anything not to starve.  The TPP elite want endless wealth for themselves and, even more so, they want power, power over weakened, humiliated human beings.  The TPP elite are scum.

At present, the TPP only consists of the USA (of course), Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam.  But the international financial elite are rushing to involve as many other countries as they can.

Inside the USA, President Obama, who is completely controlled by the big corporations and Zionism, is moving, with other countries, to ‘fast-track’ the TPP so that even the USA Congress will have no say.  He is doing this at a time when the USA has fifty million people on food stamps (the number increases each week) and 23% unemployed.  Those figures will be doubled if the TPP is implemented.

And remember this.  The global financial elite are rapidly acquiring the technology by which they can control any individual whom they view as politically independent or obstreperous.  That means many of the independently-minded people and activists who read this article.  The TPP will do it in a simple way.  One day, the activists will suddenly find that the money they thought they had in the bank has become unobtainable.  It will be rather like the experience of thousands of Cypriots except that, unannounced, with no warning, it will happen in an instant.

Moreover, unlike the Cypriots who still like to believe that their experience is not permanent, the activists will find themselves without money, or at least without bank money, forever.  They will be sacked from their jobs and notice drones circling overhead.  (Obama has said that the 30,000 drones coming in the USA will not be armed but if you believe that, you will believe anything).

However, all is not yet lost.  The danger can be understood and effective action taken.  Japan has not yet joined the TPP because at election time the people found out about the TPP and, quite rightly, were furious.  Well done, Japan!

But the West and the Middle East are asleep.  
They had better wake up or it will be too late.

Prof. Rodney Shakespeare is a visiting Professor of Binary Economics at Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia.  He is a Cambridge MA, a qualified UK Barrister, a co-founder of the Global Justice Movement www.globaljusticemovement.net , a member of the Christian Council for Monetary Justice. His main website is www.binaryeconomics.net .  Shakespeare is also Chair of the Committee Against Torture in Bahrain

The Trade Trap Exposed

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Until you understand what is happening, you cannot possibly figure out how to make it stop happening.   
This caught my eye in the NWV daily newsletter tonight, because this one paragraph very simply draws exactly the picture I’ve been attempting to paint for all of you, in all my years preaching about sovereignty, sovereignty, they’ve got to get rid of it to control the world, it’s the one thing they don’t want you to know…
From NewsWithViews:
U.N. overwhelmingly approves global arms trade treaty
“While many within the Obama White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill deny it would impact on Americans’ gun ownership rights, the fact is there [are] far too many U.S. judges — including some on the U.S. Supreme Court — who believe in imposing international law into their court decisions especially on matters involving the U.S. Constitution,” said political strategist and attorney Michael S. Baker…..
by NWV News
And there you have it: international law being incorporated into court decisions…. because when Harperius signed his damnable trade agreements, he was automatically subjecting us to international law!  Likewise, Obummer is boiling his frogs slowly, as noted by the author excerpted above.  Nowhere do you see him giving Americans the truth about exactly how much international law now must be applied because contracts require the USA to do certain things the international trade group way… not the American way.   A trade agreement, by the way, is to the Constitution what scissors are to paper. Why? because it is domestic law, and trade agreements trump all domestic laws that get in their way. 
Right now, Canada and the USA are having our laws merged to suit trade partners. 
Let me explain how “logically” it works. I say logically, because if your only goal is control of all profit from all commerce in the world, then it makes perfect sense: standardize everything so all profit-making is maximized, world-wide. (I’m not even going to mention the eugenics part, but be assured I am painfully aware that it is the other end of the spectrum, and have nightmares of Soylent Green, too)
So, to pull this off, they sign these mutual international contracts called “trade agreements”, and however many countries are at the table in any one agreement (at the WTO, it’s nearly 200 to our 1), we have only one vote.  If what the group decides runs counter to our laws, our laws must defer to international law… in order to honour the binding contract that our government signed… without, of course, telling us that we no longer had a choice in how we were going to be governed.
Oh, and need I mention, that when those snakes who “govern” us “get the best advice they can on how corporations need the laws to be”, just whose opinion do you think they “legitimately” seek? Multinational corporations and their reams of lobbyists, of course.  They are tailoring world standards to make it easy for these guys to make maximum profit, and bulldozing over our self-governance like a foreclosed home in Detroit. And they’re sure not explaining that to the folks next door like you and me.
With every new agreement, bits, pieces, and huge chunks are being excised from our sovereignty, and we do not hear any member of our Parliament, of any party, nor any bright light south of the border, pointing a well-fed finger in rage at the head cheese and yelling “J’accuse!”, do we?  Nope, not a peep.  Nothing in the papers? What a surprise.
It’s been their dirty laundry for a very long time now.  Personally, I’ve only heard Steven Harper admit he gave some of our self-rule away once, here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RVw12hgKvw.   This is right after the Toronto G20 in 2010, when he signed away Canada’s right to control our banking sector, and at about 1:14 in the video, he shrugs and says it’s “a simple reality.  A simple reality.”  Yep, he said it twice.
What’s on the table right now?  The budget.  What’s in the budget? On pages 144-145 (pp 154-155 on the .pdf file) we find nothing less than a “bail-in” clause, allowing our government to “tax” our bank accounts in the same way Cypriots (and a whole lotta foreign money-hiders) were “taxed”.  Right out of their accounts.  In the case of many businesses, 40-60% of their liquid assets. Everybody with a bank account got stung.  Right now, account-holders can only access a daily allotment of cash from ATM’s. Lineups are reportedly long.
Can they do it here?  They can once they ram this budget down Canadians’ throats (which they will gleefully do, provided the entire country doesn’t get its dander up real quick and prevent it).  The provisions read that
in the event that a “systemically-important bank” should fail, cash to fund the bank’s recovery would be accessed from depositor’s accounts. 
Depositors need to realize that when you deposit money into your account, you are in effect loaning that money to the bank, for it to do with what it pleases.  If the bank collapses and cannot refund its depositors the cash they put in, rather than close, and give each depositor so much on the dollar, instead it takes a percentage from the accounts… that is to say all assets (including safety deposit boxes)… and gives itself the money to “recover”…. by being bailed from inside… a “bail-in”.
Why all of a sudden are we seeing the same sort of tactic being built into our legislation as was just unloaded on Cyprus, here and rumored elsewhere as well?  Back to 2009, London, when the G20 brought bail-ins to the table, a brain child of none other than the FDIC, the very agency insuring all American bank deposits, and the EU! Nothing like insuring a sure thing, is there?
Then fast forward to 2010, and there’s Harper in that cheery little video of his casually dismissing our loss/giveaway of banking sovereignty, which is how he was planning to set us up for bail-ins, as agreed with the cabal of international banks directing traffic back in 2009.
Sensing the potential amputation of some of their hard-earned wealth was just the hobnailed boot to the instep needed to get a considerable number of Canadians to seek alternate means of protecting their deposits. Some are thinking that since the legislation refers to “systemically important banks” that means only the big chartered banks, just because they’re big.  But I don’t think we should forget that by manipulating other things, an “emergency” can be declared… and look who’s going to decide exactly which banks are “systemically important”, and for what reason!  So my feeling is, any money repository other than a mattress (or other safe place) is at possible risk.
Caveat depositor, so to speak…

On Going Along to Get Along….

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The article below, written and posted today by Jon Rappoport, is, to me, a blockbuster of a piece.

Why do I say that?  Because Jon has exposed within it the KEY TO OUR APATHY: Surrender to the idea that it is much easier to “go along to get along”, and with that goes our integrity, our values, and, ultimately, our courage to make things happen in our own favor.

A couple of years ago, I got into an argument with some other health-freedom types over a collaboration with someone who I considered bad news.  I wouldn’t go there, and I said so.

“Why can’t you just go along to get along?” I was asked.

Simple answer: because it’s a flat-out compromise of my ideals, my values, my integrity, and my own heart.  I can’t do it.  It’s a lie, and I don’t believe any lie enhances or helps any situation, because when the whole truth comes out (and it always does), it slaps you back.

When you compromise with bad things, bad things are included in the mix; if you put a rotten egg in your cake batter, somebody’s going to notice, even if you don’t.

So why do people accept compromises of their own principles, and just “go along”, sacrificing their own honor and integrity in doing so?

I put it down to FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real.

We have been indoctrinated, in our own private little worlds, to being afraid to make any waves, to buck the system, to object to wrongs being committed around us.

We’ve all heard the adage that “Evil thrives when good men do nothing”.  Over and over again.  But we mean that for other people and never include ourselves, and our own obeisance to a senseless system, as part of those “good” people “doing nothing”.

So, we continue to do nothing.  Heaven forbid we should stand out from a crowd, or draw attention to ourselves. Better to “go along to get along”.

As Rappoport points out in this example, our children are perceptive enough to spot the weakness.  And because they COME FROM that weakness, they are on one hand ashamed of their inheritance, but in direct conflict with that, are also being taught that as far as you, their mentors, are concerned, “going along to get along” is the best way to be.

What does that produce? Do I really have to answer that?

Look into your own history: did you learn how to cave in from your own mentors? Are you passing on that characteristic to your own kids?

Most of us are largely unaware that while we attempt, as parents, to instill good values and morals in our children, it’s still “Monkey see, monkey do”.  Children will not emulate what we teach verbally, if what we teach through our handling of our own lives runs counter to that.  “Do as I say, not as I do” has never, ever worked, has it?  Except, of course, to teach the exact opposite.

I am of the opinion that the more inured we become to following the herd, in order not to be seen as “different”, or “weird”, or “fringe”, and avoid being marginalized by our values and opinions, the more we adopt positions that are not compatible with what we truly believe.  We blindly accept.  It’s easier.  We don’t have to justify ourselves, or defend ourselves, we fit in, right?

The elite of this world, who manipulate our minds through media, propaganda, and other bullshit they feed us, know how eager we are to “fit in”.  So they use things like Delphi Technique, limit the field of argument, and leave us with only one position that is feasible: go along, or you don’t fit in with the “right” side.

Some examples?

How about George “Dubya” Bush saying, immediately after 9/11, “You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists”.   Well, who the hell wants to be seen as siding with terrorists, even though enough time has not passed to gather the facts to understand anything at all?

How about Canadian Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, when pushing the draconian Bill C-36 (the Consumer Product Safety Act) a couple of years back, saying that if  the bill didn’t pass, there’d be dead babies stacking up because of bad baby cribs, and nobody wants stacks of dead babies, do they?

Of course, we’ve seen that such techniques are monumentally successful… but why?

Because people are so indoctrinated to “go along to get along”.  Because they don’t want to be seen as some sort of fringe element.  Because it’s easier.

In the case of 9/11, it took over a decade before Americans started to wake up to the fact that the Iraq and Afghanistan invasions were based on false premises.  And they’ve only just started to let their eyelids rise above half-mast to see the truth about it all.

In the case of the nasty Bill C-36, it resulted in the entrenchment in law that our Health Ministry would be taking direction from foreign entities, i.e. international trade groups to which we belong (thanks, Harper, Martin, Mulroney et al), and that Canadians no longer had the last say in making our own health and product safety legislation.

Canada lost a piece of itself in Bill C-36. But we “went along to get along”.  We surrendered to “political correctness”.

In today’s article, Jon Rappoport is really calling on us all to THINK about what we’re doing, people… THINK about what the results are…. THINK about what’s real, what’s important, what is of value.

Because of our penchant for surrendering our values to some pre-packaged model, we lose what is best about being alive: the ability to create our lives, take responsibility for our successes and failures, and set good examples for our children, then having the pleasure of knowing we created that, we made that, and can be pleased with our efforts and our results.

The other day, someone reminded me:  “The only thing that always goes along with the stream is a dead fish.”

Read Jon’s think piece below, and do some thinking: What did you surrender to, today?


School now offering counseling to kids upset by strawberry-tart gun!

by Jon Rappoport

March 8, 2013


It’s called doubling down. First, a teacher at the Park Elementary School in Baltimore flips out, because 7-year-old Josh Welch bites his strawberry tart, trying to make it look like a mountain—but it ends up looking (sort of) like a gun.

The teacher reports Josh, who is then suspended for two days.

Now, an assistant principal at the school has sent a letter to parents offering counseling to kids who may have been upset by the incident. I kid you not.

“…If your children express that they are troubled by today’s incident…our school counselor is available to meet with any students who have the need to do so…”

What happens when a little kid shows up in the counselor’s office and says he’s angry at the lunatic teacher who upbraided Josh Welch?

Does the school suspend that little kid, too?? Does the counselor try to convince the kid he was really upset because he saw a danish bitten into a few right angles?

“You see, Jimmy, this is classic case of displacement. You think you’re bothered by the teacher. But really, it was that tart. Do you get it? Your agitation may be sign of ADHD. I’m going to refer you to a psychiatrist. He can give you medicine. It’ll make you feel better.”

Park Elementary school isn’t retreating from their suspension of Josh Welch. They’re doubling down. And what are the parents of the students doing ? Nothing. They’re knuckling under. They’re shrugging it all off. Why? Let’s see. Oh yes. They’re rank cowards.

And do you think their kids realize that? Are you kidding? Of course they do. The kids are registering how easily their mothers and fathers are copping out. The kids see there’s a robot-setup at work. The school does something that makes no sense at all. A kid is being punished for no reason at all. And the parents are taking it. The parents are mush.

It’s all a joke, yes. The strawberry tart. The gun shape. But beyond that, the two-day suspension of Josh Welch wasn’t a joke. And nobody cares.

This is the real lesson the school is imparting. “See, we can do anything we want to. We can do the most ridiculous thing in the world. And nobody will lift a finger to stop us.”

Now the kids think, “What else can we be suspended for? Suppose we don’t like those tarts and don’t eat them? Can they kick us out for that? If a shoe lace is untied? Can one of the prison guards report us to the principal?

Good work, parents. You’re teaching your children invaluable lessons. You’re showing them all sorts of things. A few of you are even asking your kids, “Were you upset by the strawberry tart gun? If you were, you can go to the school counselor and tell her how you feel.”

And that look your kid is then giving you? That stare? Do you know what it means? It means he’s lost faith in you. He knows. He knows you have no courage. He knows you have no balls. He knows you’re useless when it comes time to stand up and be counted. He knows you preach one thing but do another. He knows you don’t really care.

At that point, he can do one of two things. He can grow up to be just like you, which you understand, at some level, is a terrible choice. Or he can go the other way and opt for the courage of his convictions, in which case you’ve lost him. He’ll never be as close to you as he was.

You can’t like either choice, if you have the guts to think about it. But you don’t have the guts, do you? You made your own choices a long time ago. You surrendered.

“Oh, well,” you say, “this is foolish. It was just a stupid little episode with a pastry. Ha-ha. Everybody knows it’s silly.” Yes, they do. But it’s moments like this that change things.

Kids aren’t as stupid as you are. They look around, they size up what’s happening, and they come to conclusions. They make and break their own futures based on what they conclude.

You parents could come together and march into the school and into the office of the school board and say, “Enough.” You could threaten to pull your kids out Park Elementary and put a serious crimp in the school’s state and federal funding.

Better yet, you could yank your kids out of Park and start your own school. Or you could home school.

But that would be inconvenient, wouldn’t it? You’re so busy these days, and the school baby-sits for five hours a day.

And it was just a pastry.

Why get riled up?

This, too, shall pass.

Yes, everything always passes. But in the wake of those moments, subterranean decisions are made.

No, its not like a war with bombs falling. No, it’s not mass starvation. But where you live, it’s real. It happened. And you skated. You closed your eyes and thought about something else.

You’re good at that. Most of your kids will become good at it, too. And that’s what you want for them, isn’t it? The ability to skate and slide and glide past what we used to call Character.

Character is old-fashioned. It doesn’t exist anymore. It’s an ideal that doesn’t fit into today’s world, because we have no more individuals. We only have groups and communities, and in that atmosphere other traits are valued.

The traits you’ve cultivated. You’ve been imparting the substance of your lesson plans to your kids ever since they could crawl. And now, when the school provides you with the opportunity to break out and wake up and turn it all around, you do the predictable thing. You step away.

Do you want to know where all this leads? You don’t, but I’ll tell you anyway. The population of this country will melt down into one great glob of goo. This collective will look to whatever is defined as leadership, and the collective will follow along without hesitation.

Chances are good your child will be a molecule of that Unity.

So congratulations. You’ve made your statement. You’ve succeeded with all your adjustments to reality.

The tart that wasn’t a gun and didn’t look anything like a gun was a gun. Ignorance is strength. 2 plus 2 equals five. Bad is good.

You’re a teacher.

You’re hired. You’re in.

When you think about it, the school is doing exactly what you want it to, isn’t it?

Secretly, you approve.

I’m not talking about tarts or guns now. I’m talking about that Something you gave in to many years ago. You may not be able to name it, but you know what it is. You worship it every day of your life. You may go to church on Sunday, but this Something is what you really bow down to.

It’s really very mild. It’s pleasing, in a way. It puts you in the driver’s seat, as long as you agree to allow the car to drive itself. It’s more automatic than any gun ever invented. It pings your nervous system and your brain. You receive the signal and you do what’s expected of you. And therefore you fit in. You have your place. And really, it doesn’t matter what particular action or what particular silence is expected of you. It only matters that you go along.

The school issues its edict, and you must follow. The more absurd the edict, the more significant the test. That’s the point. How can the system be checked unless it gives absurd commands?

You understand that crucial point and you concur.

It’s not enough to ring a bell and see a dog drool because he expects to be fed. That’s just step one. Anyone can accomplish that. You need to ring the bell and have the dog drool because he’s been taught the moon is made of cheese or a tart is a gun. Then you really have something.

And this is what you want. You want to feel the security that comes from knowing the system is tight and fully operative from top to bottom. It can make ANY command and people will respond as expected.

Then your worship of obedience is vindicated. You know everyone else is on the same page. There are no leaks. You were right all along.

This is the only way to live life.

Jon Rappoport

Somebody’s real nervous about that Vancouver Vaccine Forum…

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My comment, posted at the Georgia Straight… which appears now to be the Georgia Crooked….

Let’s see now…
We have a study emanating from UBC (NOT Dr. Shaw) proving that the flu shot is ineffective.
We have an outbreak of 47,500+ children in India who are paralyzed, following “immunization against polio in the last year or so.
We have outbreaks of mumps amongst a population of children where 87% of them had received mumps vaccine… plus booster shots.
We have in the USA a 4,250% INCREASE in fetal deaths… miscarriages… after pregnant women took the mercury-filled flu shot.
We have a massive increase in autism diagnoses in lockstep with a massive increase in “recommended” infant vaccines.
And for those who are uninformed, Dr. Wakefield, who was vilified by the vaccine industry for his clinical reports on the MMR shot causing autism (he found uniform infection of the live measles virus in the gut of these children), has been vindicated, and is now suing those who destroyed his medical career.
The stories go on, and on, and on.
Our government indemnifies the vaccine industry from lawsuits emanating from harm, but then does not compensate those who suffer devastating “collateral” damage to their health… up to and including death!
Now, those who have been (luckily) unaffected (yet) by vaccines, continue to spout their “herd immunity” garbage, and the media backing this ridiculous claim, while the very diseases claimed to be “protected” against continue apace.
Is this not enough reason for debate? Is this not reason enough for people to question the recommendations of vested interests? Or is this a reason for people to shut off their brains and let the chips fall where they may?
As a population, we are less healthy than we have ever been. The pharmaceutical drugs promoted to us kill 106,000 Americans annually… over a million per decade… along with a proportionate number of Canadians… but we can’t speak about that?
I thought this was a free country, with informed consent being the prime principle of health care modalities.
Guess not.
And the slam piece on this forum continues…

Vaccination debate continues in


by Carlito Pablo on Mar 6, 2013 at 2:08 pm

Immunization uptake has fallen in B.C.
Leah-Anne Thompson Photo

A Vancouver group is hosting a “summit” to publicize what its founder considers to be the importance of natural human immunity over vaccines.

Vaccine Summit Vancouver 2013 on Tuesday (March 12) at SFU Harbour Centre promises—according to the Vaccine Resistance Movement website—to hear testimonies from parents who believe that their children have been injured by inoculations, as well as presentations by unnamed “researchers” and “experts”.

The symposium follows the publication last month in the British Medical Journal of a study that established a “causal association” between the 2009 H1N1 flu shot Pandemrix and an increased risk of the sleeping disorder narcolepsy among children in England. Last year, B.C. health workers refused to comply with the mandatory flu vaccination ordered on them by the provincial government.

For VRM founder and event organizer Joel Lord, the stand taken by health workers’ unions was a “very important precedent”.

“That is a big indication that they’re aware of the danger behind these shots and feel it’s necessary to safeguard their natural immunity,” Lord told the Georgia Straight in an interview at an East Vancouver coffee shop.

Lord related that his concerns about vaccines started a few years ago when his young daughter took the Gardasil vaccine against the human papillomavirus (HPV) that can cause cervical and other cancers.

“She has had a litany of food allergies that sprung up after having gotten the shot,” he said. “But, again, it’s the hidden dangers that I’m concerned about.”

Lord’s VRM website states that the organization is “grass roots” and “non-profit” and accepts donations. In an article on the site, Lord uses words such as malfeasance, fraud, deception, conned, and failure to describe the vaccine and pharmaceutical industry.

Last year, UBC neuroscientist Chris Shaw coauthored a paper suggesting that HPV vaccines containing antigens present in Gardasil “pose an inherent risk for triggering potentially fatal autoimmune” reactions.

In 2011, Shaw cowrote another study indicating that aluminum adjuvants have a “potential to induce serious immunological disorders”, including “long-term brain inflammation”. (Adjuvants are substances used in some vaccines to boost the human body’s immune system to react strongly to the vaccine.)

Dr. Monika Naus, medical director of immunization programs and vaccine-preventable diseases at the B.C. Centre for Disease Control, maintains that vaccines have “an excellent safety record”.

Naus, who is an associate professor at UBC’s school of population and public health, recalled that the last time a vaccine was withdrawn in Canada was more than 20 years ago. That was Trivirix, a measles, mumps, and rubella shot associated with mumps meningitis in about one out of 60,000 recipients, she told the Straight.

When asked about events like the March 12 antivaccine summit, Naus replied: “A lot of it is uninformed and can jeopardize the health of the population. Over a number of years, we’ve certainly seen a drop in immunization uptake in the province.”

As an example, she mentioned that only about two-thirds of children in B.C. are fully vaccinated with all of the recommended shots by the time they reach their second birthday.

A report released by the B.C. Ministry of Health in January states that between 2007 and 2011, seasonal-flu vaccine coverage for 12- to 64-year-old people with high-risk medical conditions was about 40 percent. For seniors, starting at age 65, it was 59 percent.

The paper also points out that although the proportion of kindergarten students who were up-to-date with their diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and polio booster shots in 2010 and 2011 was pegged at 77 percent and 76 percent, respectively, the rate has now increased to 80 percent. “Anti-immunization sentiments remain one of the biggest barriers to increasing coverage rates in B.C.’s immunization program,” the report notes.

Naus added: “Another factor is that—in general, and probably more in this province than elsewhere—people are into organic, and they think that drinking orange juice and exercising and getting sleep at night are going to give them the kind of immunity that vaccines could. But that’s, of course, not true.”

(Dee adds: “Oh yeah? Show me the bodies!”)



Vaccine Forum at Simon Fraser U attacked by medical morons

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Well, well, well…. see what happens when you try to educate people that there are more things to consider than what doctors will tell you?  Immediately, the honchos step in and throw up their vitriol all over those willing to fight for their right to INFORMED CONSENT…. which is absolutely ENTRENCHED in medical LAW!

“The benefits outweigh the risks,” chirps Perry Kendall, BC’s chief medical propagandist, despite the fact that a gazillion studies show vaccines cause the disease they are meant to prevent, and despite the Obomsawin study of vaccine efficacy, which proved undeniably that vaccines have never, ever, eradicated any risk of disease. (See http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2010/10/29/graphic-reality-the-charting-of-truth/ )

Recently we have heard of children contracting mumps post-vaccination… in fact, post-booster-shots…. and an increase in fetal DEATH (miscarriage) of an incredible 4250% when pregnant women were given the flu shot containing mercury… and thousands of children in India paralyzed after a campaign of vaccinations for polio….



SFU urged to block anti-vaccine

gathering: University president

points to policy on freedom of


Simon Fraser University should refuse to allow an anti-vaccine conference at its downtown campus next week because the location may lend credibility to its “dangerous quackery,” according to a group of medical doctors and others opposed.
But SFU said the Vaccine Resistance Movement, which opposes vaccinations in favour of alternative naturopathic treatments, has the same right as any group to rent a hall at the university.
The criticism is misdirected,” said SFU president Andrew Petter in response to a letter signed by a number of doctors, including Nienke van Houten, a lecturer at SFU’s health sciences faculty.
We have a very clear policy on freedom of expression,” said Petter. “The best way to discredit views that are wrong-headed is to allow freedom of expression of those views so they can be countered.”
Conference organizers, who didn’t return a call for comment, (I was notified 1 hour & 21 minutes before their deadline via e-mail) bill the symposium as a chance to learn how “families are facing increasingly intense pressure from the vaccine lobby and big government to comply with vaccine mandates.”
Speakers include a doctor who’s written a book on “how vaccination compromises our natural immunity” and a woman who blames “vaccine injury” for her young daughter’s autism and death.
The SFU letter’s author, Ethan Clow of the Centre for Inquiry, a science-based atheist group, said the university is lending its “tacit approval” to the anti-vaccination movement.
Attendees “are going to get a lot of propaganda and a lot of scaremongering and emotional stories about the supposed risks of vaccination,” said Clow.
Van Houten said to properly air and discredit the “potentially harmful” information, SFU would have to arrange a panel.
But B.C.’s chief medical officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, said for doctors to engage in formal debate can lend more credence to opposition to vaccination, which he called undebatable.  He recognizes that those who are anti-vaccination believe there is a conspiracy between physicians and big pharmaceutical companies, and likely aren’t interested in other views.
People who are worried but willing to learn more can go to the Canadian Pediatric Society’s website and others, Kendall said.
“Vaccines, like any medicine, can have side-effects, but the benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks,” he said.

Ripping the lid off “medical journalism”: Jon Rappoport

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Most people are aware of the fraud that is journalism today.  In fact, in a recent Gallup Poll,  the general approval rating of the media was a staggeringly-low 21%… meaning only 1 in 5 find the media credible in its reportage.

But as Jon shows below, reading carefully helps to flush the BS they’re feeding us.  Reading objectively and logically exposes the truth… or at least,shows us that whatever we are reading contains none.

Using our heads for more than a hat rack helps a lot.


Two words that don’t go together: “medical” and “journalism”


by Jon Rappoport

March 6, 2013




Yesterday, I was scanning through medicalnewstoday.com, catching up on the wacky and highly dangerous world of medicine.


What caught my attention were the story headlines themselves. In the news biz, everything depends on those headlines and what they mean, imply, suggest. They’re magnets.


So take a trip with me through one day of the magnetic field.


First, let’s get a few OOPS headlines out of the way:


“Common Cancer Vaccine Ingredient Diverts T-cells From Tumors”


Shelf Life of Blood Nearer 3 Than 6 Weeks”


“One-Third of Doctors Miss Electronic Test Results”


These headlines should be rewritten and blasted across the front pages of newspapers and jammed into the top spots on the evening television news. But no. They aren’t. They might disturb the sleeping masses.








The common cancer vaccine ingredient referred to in the first headline is mineral oil. It’s used in experimental cancer vaccines being tested on animals. Seems the T-cells in the body, stimulated by the vaccine, fail to attack the cancer tumors. Instead, they attack the injection site. Where the vaccine was jabbed. Oops.


The T-cells are attacking the mineral oil!


You mean, all these studies of cancer vaccines, for all these years, were goofing on a monumental stupidity? The immune systems of all these mice were turning around and attacking the hole where the vaccine went in? Yes, the T-cells, in fact, were attracted to the mineral oil. Wonderful. And for a bonus, the result was infection. Good work. Splendid work.


In case mineral oil is ever found to be lethal, we can make the body attack it.


The next headline refers to the fact that, finally, researchers have figured out something important about blood used for transfusions: better not use blood stored for six weeks—it’s not any good. Oops.


Hospitals have been using six-week-old blood forever. But that blood doesn’t transfer enough oxygen to the patient. No. Doctors shouldn’t be transfusing blood older than three weeks.


In fact, a Johns Hopkins newsletter drops this little nugget. “One previous, large study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has already shown that cardiac surgery patients who received blood stored longer than three weeks were almost twice as likely to die as patients who got blood that had been stored for just 10 days.”


Oops, oops, oops.


“Remember Frank? Hell of a guy. Always on the go. He went to the hospital for surgery and they gave him old blood. He died. Tragic. But hey, the doctors tried. They thought that, like wine, blood is best when it’s aged.”


The third headline has to do with the problem we all face in sorting through the ton of emails we get every day. In the wacky wonderful world of medicine, many test results on patients are now transmitted to doctors via email. How modern. One little problem, though. The doctors miss them. They don’t read the emails. Oops.


“Mr. Jones, your test results have been delayed. Don’t know why. So I’ll just wing it. Let’s see. I’ll put a blindfold on and reach into this cabinet full of different medicines and grab a bottle. Here, take this twice a day. And don’t call me. If you convulse, try 911.”


Now we come to a type of headline I love. The maybe-could be headline. Actually, it’s a lying headline, but it’s couched cleverly—if you have no more than three brain cells to work with:


“Obesity Gene Linked to Skin Cancer”


First of all, this assumes researchers have really found a gene that causes obesity. That’s sheer baloney. Generally, baloney causes obesity. Second, the word “linked” means, “Might be relevant, we don’t know, we’ll see, or maybe we’ll just drop the whole idea…but we did get some grant money for the research.”


“Investigators Identify Genetic Risk Factors for Age-Related Macular Degeneration”


Translated, this means: “There might be two or three or possibly six or 40 genes related to macular degeneration, we don’t know, but we can build a little model that quantifies what we call risk, which is a probability, but this makes no difference, because we don’t have a genetic treatment for macular degeneration; in fact we don’t have ANY genetic treatment which works across the board for ANY medical condition. But we did get grant money for this study.”


“Two genes linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)”


Ditto. “Linked” means maybe, could be, we don’t know, and we have no genetic treatment for Lou Gehrig’s Disease and we don’t know whether we ever will. It also means: this disease may not be a disease at all; it could be head injury or exposure to a chemical, but we call it a disease because disease-names equal money.


Next, we have the DUH headlines.


“Sleeping Pills Raise Hip Fracture Risk in Nursing Home Residents”


Really? You mean people who live in a daze because they’re loaded with sleeping pills day after day actually fall down and break something? Astounding. And you discovered this by doing a full-bore study? Good for you. Here’s a suggestion for your next grant application: “Bright lights suddenly turned on, accompanied by sirens, cause people who are sleeping to wake up.”


“Inappropriate Use of Opoids, FDA Extremely Concerned”


Again, astounding to learn—people are using too many opoids. And the FDA concern is felt coast to coast. We appreciate that. While you’re at it, you (FDA) might express some concern about the fact that you’re certifying drugs as safe and effective that are killing, like clockwork, 106,000 Americans every year. And that’s a very conservative estimate.


There’s one more DUH headline. It took me an hour to figure out what it means:


“Optimism and Feelings of Vulnerability Skewed Following Tornado, Should Be Reflected in Emergency Preparedness”


As far as I can tell, they’re talking about people who feel optimistic after a tornado hit their town. Meaning: these residents say they don’t expect another one in the future. Wow. Researchers state this optimism is inappropriate, and therefore emergency responders should prepare for it…or something. Again, study completed, grant money deposited in bank account.


“Are you going to be home tonight for dinner, Daddy?”


“No, Jimmy, I’m going to be working. I have to drive to Small Town USA and nag the local residents, who were hit by a tornado last year, by asking them whether they feel optimistic about a lack of tornadoes in the foreseeable future. This is vital information I’m gathering. I can’t remember why at the moment, but it is putting food on our table. So clean your plate at dinner tonight.”


Then we have a feel-good headline. Maybe.


“Good Quality Hospital Care Indicated by Facebook ‘Likes'”


Well, isn’t that special. Forget hospital records. Forget the fact that hospitals kill 119,000 Americans every year (by conservative mainstream estimates). Who cares? Our hospital got 489 Facebook Likes from patients. Good work, guys. Here, let me read one Like to you:


“Although I was given a heart bypass for my broken ankle, the recovery period was highlighted by balloons which the staff brought into my room and the candy bars they placed on my night table. Was that a nurse who walked into my room at three in the morning, or was it a hooker paid for by the assistant director, who seemed very concerned about my well-being and had me sign some kind of waiver while I was drugged to the gills with morphine?”


Finally, we have this headline:


“Children with ADHD Require Long-Term Treatment Well Into Adulthood”


Let’s see. ADHD is a fake disorder for which no diagnostic test exists. The drugs used to treat it are cheap speed, which can cause very dangerous effects, like hallucinations, aggressive behavior, and deep sadness. But no problem. Keep drugging kids all the way into adulthood. Ruin their lives. It’s good for business.


Well, there you are. That’s just a partial list of one day’s medical headlines.


Kudos to the headline writers and the conscientious journalists who got their stories right and really let us know what’s what. We’re now much wiser, and we feel confident that medical science is marching forward into a future where, for example, tiny nanobots can be injected into our blood streams. These bots, armed and programmed with such useful and true medical information, will automatically make changes inside our bodies and correct any problems they discover.


We’ll feel better and be better. We’ll take a moment every day to bow down to the guardians of our health.


Give us more medicine! Give us more care! Heal us! We trust you! We love you!


Here are a few basic headline-rewrites that better reflect medical journalism in today’s world. I’m 100% sure that if the NY Times ran them across the top of the front page, day after day, the readership would explode and the Times would rescue itself from impending financial ruin.
















I’m available for freelance headline work.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at www.nomorefakenews.com